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My professional and human vocation is strictly related to the improvement of the Ecclesiastical asset management for serving the Mission in a more effective way. Although I was trained in a certain environment to which I am grateful, I do not belong to any specific Church’s Institute, I am a simple layman. This autonomy allows me to interact constructively with everyone, fully understanding their needs, objectives and charisms. I was able to lead many initiatives and projects for adding value to the Ecclesiastical assets and properties over time. In addition, international private groups and companies interested in real estate request my collaboration to find assets - belonging to the world of Catholic Institutes - that require requalification and regeneration interventions.

The approach based on transparency and expertise is part of my style. I offer solutions to my clients in the decision-making process, providing tools for a proper governance, but I never replace the competent bodies of each Institute. In recent years, my professional activities have been concentrated mainly between Italy and Spain. In particular, it is easy to note the marked feature of universality of the Ecclesiastical and Religious Bodies which makes them truly global and I have consequently become international with them. Thanks to the gift of having received an interdisciplinary training, a lay mentality and through some relevant professional experiences, I have been able to get a deep vision of the Mission and the Church Organization related to the economic dynamics of the Institutes involved.

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  • 1989
    Degree in Economics and Business Administration

    University of Valladolid - Spain

  • 2000
    Degree in Canon Law

    Pontifical University of the Holy Cross – Rome - Thesis in Patrimonial Law: “The patrimonial dimension of the apostolic enterprises of the laity. Asset management foundations for the Church’s institutional purposes”

  • 2002 - 2003
    PDG IESE Business School

    General Management Program (PDG) - IESE Business School - Madrid - Spain

Research Activities and Publications

Ecclesiastical Assets and Church’s Heritage

Alla Ricerca del Nuovo RE d’Italia - Considerazioni su una nuova Leadership del Real Estate italiano - Settimanale Il Quotidiano Immobiliare - April 25, 2020
Dall’Emergenza alla Rinascita – Spunti per un Nuovo Rinascimento Italiano e globale - Settimanale Il Quotidiano Immobiliare - March 21, 2020
Il Patrimonio Immobiliare degli Enti Ecclesiastici - Rivista del UCID Unione Cristiana Imprenditori Dirigenti - January 2015
Mattoni Sacri: Colloqui sul Patrimonio Ecclesiastico - Settimanale di Quotidiano Immobiliare n.64 - May 24, 2014
Il Bel Paese siamo Noi – Articolo su Il Settimanale di Quotidiano Immobiliare - March 9, 2013
Per un nuovo Rinascimento Immobiliare Italiano – Interview at Rivista RE Reale Estate n.85 - February 2011
Questioni Patrimoniali in tempi di crisi - Il Consulente RE - January 2009
Emergenza Abitativa in Italia. Proposte per un nuovo Social Housing ed il ruolo decisivo degli Enti morali senza finalità di lucro - Il Consulente RE - May 2008
Dinamiche Patrimoniali nella Chiesa ed universalità patrimoniale - Il Consulente RE - April 2008
Questioni Patrimoniali nella/della Chiesa - Il Consulente RE - March 2008

Additional Information

Thesis Correlator "Analysis of the real estate assets of health and social-health structures belonging to or attributable to religious world" - Politecnico di Milano - May 2015
Participation in numerous conventions and events on artistic, historical, cultural heritage and real estate between Italy and Spain

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  • Founder and CEO
    Rinascimento Group

    The Group is specialized in Integrated Asset Management assisting Religious and Ecclesiastical Bodies in accomplish their own Mission. Rinascimento Gruop aims to support individuals, companies and groups to reach the targets through an interdisciplinary, sustainable, international vision enriched by a Christian Humanism values background.

  • Real Estate Developer

    Real Estate Developer focused on profitability, regeneration, requalification and transformation of Religious and Ecclesiastical Bodies assets for serving the Mission and the pursued purposes. Collaboration for structured projects of special relevance in real estate, finance and art, including for individuals, companies and groups.

  • Managing Partner
    Green Energy Plus

    Energy efficiency and saving operations development through the promotion of circular economy and regenerative bioeconomy models inspired by the virtuous path traced by the encyclical Laudato Si’ of Pope Francis for the accountability of the laity committed to the creation of a new economy fully sustainable and capable of taking care of the Common House.

  • Founder
    Osservatorio Permanente sui Beni Ecclesiastici

    The Permanent Observatory on Ecclesiastical Assets is the ripe fruit of more than 25 years of experience in promoting knowledge of ecclesiastical assets and property within the Church and outside of it, and contributing to the increase of collegiality in the governance of Ecclesiastical assets so that they may better serve the Church’s Mission and the specific aims for which they were created, purchased and donated.

  • RICS Fellow

    Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Fellow.


2020 - 2021
Managing Director B.U. “Financial Ethics and Institutions” - Banca del Fucino
Development of projects with strong ethical incidence offering financial services tailored to the needs of Religious, Ecclesiastical Bodies, and other Non-Profit Organizations.
2007 - 2019
Assoimmobiliare - Confindustria - Association of Italian Real Estate Industry
Throughout the years I held the following positions: Treasurer and President of the Committee for Cultural and Environmental Heritage; Board Member Responsible for Association Development and Growth; Member of the Board of Directors; Member of the “Three Wise Men” college for the election of the last two presidents.
2014 - 2018
IRIS Consortium
- Internationalization, Research, Innovation, Development of innovative start-ups based in Bologna. Managing Director.
2004 - 2010
Real Estate General Manager of RE Spa
In those 7 years I worked for many male and female Catholic religious institutes and for various Italian Dioceses. In december 2010, after having presented the annual accounts for a positive financial year with benefits, I resigned to guarantee my autonomy and independence at the service of Catholic Institutes and I founded my own company “Rinascimento RE ”, completely separating my activity from RE Spa.
Managing Director & Member of Board
Managing Director & Member of Board of various International Organizations and Foundations linked to initiatives promoted by the Prelature of Opus Dei in Rome, such as:
- International University College of Rome (CUIR). Member of Board - Real Estate and Finance.
- Centers for International Studies and Conventions (CISEC). Managing Director and Head of Real Estate and Finance.
- Belmont Foundation (Switzerland) Head of Real Estate and Finance in Italy.
- SFL Stiftung (Switzerland) Head of Real Estate and Finance in Italy.
- Association for Cultural Interchange inc. (New York, USA) Head of Real Estate and Finance in Italy.
- ICEF: Cultural and Family Initiatives. Managing Director and Fundraiser.
- Istituto San Girolamo della Carità (ex IPAB). Member of Board.
1989 - 1991
Director of Rodamar SL, Manager of AROGA, President "Association of Galicia Sea" (Spain).
1989 - 1990
Vice Director “La Estila” University Residence in Santiago de Compostela (Spain).